Friday, February 4, 2011

Find New Customers!

Hi Everyone!!

If you are in a direct sales business you are ALWAYS looking for ways to get new customers or recruits.  The more customers you have the better your business is and the more money you make.  Here are a few tips I have on Finding new customers!

1. Take advantage of the advertising of others… call about their ads and offer them your service.
2. Post flyers in apartments – ask at the rental office first.
3. Leave Brochures at Auto Repair Shops and Tire Service centers, there are always people in and out and it is a great way to advertise.  Make sure to ask permission first.
4. Wear a name badge or a button that says what you sell.
5. Approach those who are Fundraising with your Fundraiser information, they can consider you for their next Fundraiser!  Follow-up with their Organization.
6. Let your Bank Teller know what your deposit is for and leave them with a brochure.
7. Barter your services with another Direct Sales Independent Sales Person and refer each other when you can
8. Hang flyers on the hooks inside the doors of bathroom stalls, It sounds a little weird, but you're catching their attention. 
9. Bring your brochures to your hair salon.
10. Use car magnets or window lettering to advertise your business!
11. Let everyone you work with know what you sell, if you have a full time job.
12. Give yourself a goal to distribute a certain number of business cards and/or brochures each day.
13. With each transaction you make during the course of the day – give a business card and ask for one in return, where applicable.
14. Use your card as a bookmark in Library Books… and return them with your card.
15. Place your brochures in all waiting rooms.
16. Always keep flyers with you to distribute or hang on bulletin boards.
17. Cross-promote your business with other businesses.
18. If your company sells t- shirts wear one to the gym or any where else you go.
19. Join a civic or networking group.
20. Advertise in college newspapers and bulletin boards.

Good Luck!!!

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  1. Here is a great one that a friend always used. When you just open/start your business or get a new product send a press release (just put the words "Press Relase for Immediate Issue" across the top with your story or product info) to your local small paper. They won't always print them but if they have space they will use it and its free to you. A lot of people are reading these again with the economy the way it is, checking for coupons and sales in their local area. I am a new follower on the blog hop, have a great weekend!